Simple process for new building products

Scrimber processes low-grade wood assortments into high-quality building products.


Scrimber can do everything concrete can do. And much more.

High and large buildings made of wood

Large quantities

With Scrimber, even low-grade wood assortments can be processed into high-grade building products. This enables us to meet the high demand for wood construction products.

Flexibility of use


Building products made of scrimber can be 100% recycled. When wooden building components are burned, only as much CO₂ escapes as the tree removed from the environment during its growth.

Climate-friendly and local

Climate-friendly and local

Wood stores CO₂ and scrimber is also many times more environmentally friendly than concrete in production. The raw material grows in the region, and transport distances are short.

Building speed

Building speed

Timber buildings do not require a drying-out period, as is common with concrete buildings. The projects are thus ready for occupancy much more quickly and yield a faster return than conventional construction projects.

8x8 meter column grid

Wood utilization

The demand for solid wood products is high. Conventional products have a wood yield of only around 30%. With Scrimber, trees can be fully utilized and the yield increased to over 90%.

Lightweight and space saving construction

Lighter and space saving

Floor slabs and walls made of scrimber are space-saving in thickness, lighter than concrete products and have better thermal insulation and heat radiation.

High quality of living

Industrial manufacturing

Scrimber building panels and beams are continuously manufactured in industrial plants. Large quantities will be available from 2030.


High quality of living

Wood has unique properties for a pleasant indoor climate: it breathes, feels warm and creates comfortable spaces for various uses.

Process steps


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