Product information

Scrimber raw plates

Scrimber raw boards are the starting product for the manufacture of building products such as Scrimber cross laminated timber or Scrimber laminated timber.

Raw plates

Product description

The Scrimber raw panels are approximately 25 mm thick panels made of wood splinters glued together and oriented lengthwise. The adhesive content is around 5%. In the first phase, conventional melamine or PU-based adhesives from the wood industry will be used, later to be replaced by bio-based adhesives. Available wood species are expected to be spruce/fir and beech. Other wood species will be considered.

The raw panels can be used instead of solid wood lamellas for the use of CLT (cross laminated timber) and glulam can be used. Accordingly, the mechanical properties of the Scrimber raw panel are comparable to solid wood lamellas.


The following properties (in the longitudinal direction of the slab and thus of the spreading splines) of the raw panel are expected.
Modulus of elasticity in bending 11'000 N/mm2
Creep index (on bending) 0.1-0.3
Flexural strength (fm,k) C10-C24
Bulk density approx. 550 kg/m3 (softwood), approx. 650kg/m3 (hardwood)


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