Award for Scrimber

21. Nov 2022

The Office for Forests and Natural Hazards of the Canton of Bern launched the innovation competition "Ideas Pool KliWa" and awarded prizes to particularly promising projects for a climate-smart forest of the future. Scrimber won the first prize. We are very happy.

Researchers at the Institute for Materials and Wood Technology IWH of the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH are developing in a joint project with Timber Structures 3.0 AG, Timbatec and the newly founded company Scrimber CSC AG. innovative timber construction product Scrimber. Now the project has been approved by the Office for Forests and and Natural Hazards of the Canton of Bern as part of the innovation competition "Ideenpool KliWa" innovation competition.

The award is enormously important for us. Besides the prize money of 50'000.- the canton supports us in the implementation of a pilot plant. of a pilot plant. Equally important is the proof that Scrimber is regarded in broad as a groundbreaking technology for a climate-friendly forest. The broadly based jury of experts from the timber industry and the administration and the administration shows with the awarding of Scrimber how important the technology is for the modern timber industry and for a climate-compatible building industry.

Wood product for load-bearing applications

Scrimber is designed to perform the same functions in structural building as reinforced concrete, but with a significantly better CO₂ balance. balance. Wood as a building product has the advantage that it can be processed with comparatively low energy consumption. can be processed with comparatively low energy consumption, and unlike cement-based materials emits no additional CO₂, and that a large proportion of the CO₂ , absorbed by the tree during its lifetime is stored in the building. is stored in the building. One product that can already do this today is cross laminated timber BSP. However, this product is in high demand and accordingly relatively expensive. In addition, the wood yield is not particularly high. Scrimber as a product makes use of an innovative cutting technology and thus enables an almost and thus enables an almost 100% wood yield. In addition, low-grade assortments, including waste wood, are to be used for production.

Awarding innovative forestry projects

The innovation competition "Ideenpool KliWa" was launched, to highlight and promote the wealth of ideas and innovative strength of the industry. and to promote it. In view of climate change, the forest ecosystem is facing major changes and challenges. and challenges, for which new ideas are needed to find solutions. are required.

Regierungsrat Christoph Ammann und Co-Leiterin Anja Simma mit den glücklichen Siegerinnen und Sieger bei der Preisverleihung des Innovationswettbewerbs «Ideenpool KliWa».

Government Councillor Christoph Ammann and Co-Director Anja Simma with the happy winners at the award ceremony of the Innovation competition "Ideas Pool KliWa. Pictures: Office for Forests and Natural Hazards

Das Preisgeld hilft uns, die vielen spannenden Aufgaben zu bewältigen, bis ein erstes Scrimberwerk gebaut werden kann.

The prize money will help us to master the many exciting tasks until a first scrimber plant can be built.


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